About the Department of Trade and Tourism

Head of Department

Ing. Viktor Vojtko, Ph.D. (vojtko@ef.jcu.cz, +420 387 772 696)


Mgr. Vladimír Dvořák

Brief Description

The Department of Trade and Tourism is responsible for the study field of Management of Commerce, which is offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels – either as full-time or part-time forms of study. When studying this field of study, it is possible to focus further on Retail management, Tourism or the Cooperative Movement. The department also guarantees an education in various other subjects both in this specialization and in others provided by the Faculty of Economics and other faculties of the University of South Bohemia. The academic staffs of this department are members of the European Retail Academy which administrates projects of multinational co-operation at universities with an orientation to commerce.


Research activities of the Department of Trade and Tourism cover a wide range of topics concerning the improvement of trade action, retail operation, market research, innovation of tourist services, analysis of economic importance of tourism etc. Among others, it is important to mention the following topics:
  • marketing
  • retail management
  • branding and brand management 
  • regional production support 
  • consumer protection 
  • consumer behaviour in both trade and tourism 
  • tourism geography, nature-based tourism 
  • tourism satellite account 
  • development of co-operative movement
  • e-commerce